How to avoid potential safety hazard in stage lighting construction

date: 2023.08.09

types: Information



In recent years, the performance market is on the rise, and it is common to set up various stages temporarily. With the rapid development of stage forms, the safety requirements for the stage are higher and higher. The stage safety issues involve many aspects, such as whether the stage equipment and building materials are qualified, whether the stage design and technology are reasonable, and so on.

  At present, the qualification standard of temporary stage construction, the qualification and standard of temporary stage construction unit, and the qualification and standard of technical personnel of construction unit need to be clarified by relevant departments.
1. In order to build the stage and stand, it is urgent to refine the standards of relevant industries.
In recent years, the number of various large-scale performance activities is increasing, and the construction of temporary stage stands, including the installation and use of lighting and sound equipment, is becoming more and more complex, and the security risks are also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the safety behaviors of performances.
2. Users strictly regulate the operation and maintenance of stage equipment
The user of stage equipment should cherish the equipment used. The routine maintenance of stage equipment has its fixed procedures. In order to ensure the safety in operation, the maintenance should be strictly controlled.
3. Contractors should strengthen conscientious Engineering
It is undeniable that some engineering companies lose their principles in order to pursue profits indefinitely. If we don't pay attention to quality, accidents will happen sooner or later. Through several accidents, we can see that the control of the stage lifting platform, the stage truss (including material, production technology, thickness of aluminum alloy pipe, etc.), and the control of stage staff all affect the life safety of the personnel on the stage.
Stage safety accidents can't avoid casualties. Recently, there have been accidents that cause casualties. In order to avoid similar accidents, the organizers should carefully choose reliable stage service providers and builders, and do not covet cheap equipment or cut corners to make misfortune.


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