The role of stage lighting in drama performance

date: 2023.08.09

types: Information



Drama is the cultural essence of our country. The present performance is not only the performance of the plot, but also needs to bring the visual enjoyment to the audience, which needs to play the role of stage lighting. Stage lighting focuses on the creation of the whole atmosphere in the drama stage. The stage lighting should cooperate with various elements in the performance to make the setting of the stage have aesthetic feeling and convey the outstanding emotional changes of the actors. Through reasonable lighting design, the audience can enter the scene well, whether it is the actors themselves or the audience can get a good visual experience.


So how to design stage lighting reasonably to make stage lighting play its role in drama performance?

1、 Creating space art atmosphere and rendering emotion

Compared with film and television drama, the psychology and personality of actors may be monotonous, which requires lighting to show off the emotion of the characters. We need to have a good control over the color of the light and the cool and warm colors, so that it changes with the changes of the characters and the plot. Depression, tension, stimulation, excitement and other psychology through the use of lighting design, drama performance is more popular.

Two. Enrich the plot and strengthen the audience 's understanding of the characters' inner feelings

In the performance process of the drama, the emotional display and the plot are basically realized by the performer's performance, and then the audience can understand the characters' feelings through the pictures drawn by the actors. Stage lighting, in the form of color matching, light and shade, and light placement, combines the story with the inner world of the characters, and strengthens the audience's understanding of the whole performance.

3、 The transformation of time and space is shown by light

Like TV series and movies, some of the plots to be displayed on the stage are completed in different time and space. If they are only performed by actors, it is difficult for the audience to feel this change visually. Because of its own functions, stage lighting shows some changes in the whole medium and short-range scene, or other changes in color and brightness, which will enrich the whole picture. A more three-dimensional plot with various time periods will appear in front of the audience.

Stage lighting and plot complement each other. Through the mutual operation of lighting equipment and software, it can meet the increasing aesthetic of the public. Stage lighting plays an increasingly important role in drama performance, music show and lighting show.


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