To realize the combination of light and art -- led stage lamp

date: 2023.08.09

types: Information



Standing at the end of 2019, the brand-new year 2020 is coming. It's time for all satellite TV's new year's galas to compete! We can see that the stage of each new year's Party of satellite TV is illuminated by lights, with various dance elements, showing the perfect integration of technology and art, with star repertoire, creating the most fantastic and fitting visual effect, presenting us with one excellent audio-visual feast after another!

It can be seen that stage lighting is an important part of the performance space. The global stage entertainment lighting equipment is mainly used in music concerts, theatrical performances, etc. At the same time, with the development of global tourism market, theme parks also have considerable demand for stage entertainment lighting equipment.

The function of stage lighting equipment is constantly enriched, which can achieve a variety of lighting effects and meet the needs of various performances. There are still shortcomings such as high energy consumption, heating, short life and poor safety. In recent years, led stage lamp has been widely used with the advantages of low energy consumption and low heat generation when its power, photoelectric conversion efficiency and chromaticity have been improved.

Our stage entertainment lighting equipment products are mainly used in theater, cultural venues, concert venues, tourist attractions and other cultural and entertainment venues. In recent years, with the continuous development of China's cultural and entertainment industry, the demand for stage entertainment lighting equipment is increasing, and the market continues to expand. The prosperity of performance market drives the demand of stage entertainment lighting equipment.

According to the statistics of industry research institutions, the global market scale of LED dance table lamp reached 655 million US dollars in 2016 and 745 million US dollars in 2017, a substantial increase of 14%. With the continuous maturity of LED lighting technology, the price of LED dance table lamp will continue to decline, and the growth rate will slow down in the next few years, but it will continue to grow. By 2020, the scale is expected to grow to more than US $1 billion. In 2017, the total market size of stage light sources in the world is about 382 million US dollars, of which led light sources share nearly 150 million US dollars, with a penetration rate of 39%.

In recent years, the scale of traditional light source for stage lamp has been declining, and the share of LED light source has been growing rapidly, which has become one of the markets that led manufacturers pay attention to. LED lamp can achieve the combination of light, shadow and art. Under the control of micro-computer, it can make the most rapid combination of light effect changes with the needs of the installation site and program to achieve the effect of light atmosphere. Combined with the large-scale program led display screen on the existing stage, it can present more refined image performance.

Compared with traditional stage lamp, led stage lamp has incomparable advantages. At present, domestic and foreign LED manufacturers have launched stage lamp related products, including monochrome and mixed color, to achieve high brightness and high light efficiency.


6月7日,世界半导体贸易统计组织 (WSTS)发布了关于半导体市场的最新预测数据:2022年,全球半导体市场预计将增长16.3%,到2023年继续增长5.1%。2023年,逻辑芯片市场预计达到2000亿美元,约占市场总规模的30%。